Monday, 14 December 2009

First Home Sweet Home

Hello everyone,
Sorry for the delay in writing - but there is good reason! We have purchased a new home and should receive our keys this week, so we are very excited.
I think what we have learned is that in the current economy, first time buyers are definately priced out, unless like us they have been saving for years and years, or alternatively have generous help from family members. Banks have been keen to receive money from governments but have not passed this on in terms of favourable rates to new borrowers, despite the base rate being close to zero.
We are however very happy and excited to be finally moving into a place we can call our own. We will be making a very money saving start, as all our money has been used for a deposit and legal fees, so it will certainly be a case of 'Make Do and Mend'. Visits to charity shops, requests from willing family members, and some very 'house themed' Christmas gifts for eachother will be the theme this month. Family are of course happy for us and no doubt we'll have our share of DIY almost immediately after Christmas. I will try to resand, repaint and bring back to life any quality second hand furniture we can get, so you will see more ideas and hopefully can make suggestions as we go along.
Our new bills will hopefully be earning us a penny or two via cashback sites eventually, such as gas/elec, broadband etc.
I will update the blog as soon as I can, and it's safe that after the move to say we'll allow ourselves a much needed break for the holidays.
I wish everyone here a really lovely time and hope you have had a great year, and we are all are able to achieve even more amazing things in 2010.