Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Hello, I'm a Pinterest Addict... and I'm stuck on an idea.

Yes it's true. We've all been there - intending to go on there for a few minutes, and an hour later still on there bursting with ideas, new menus, fashion, decorating projects and more. At the moment my main two Pinterest addiction areas are: Garden and Walk In Wardrobe ideas.

I'd like to do lots more to make the bedroom our haven, as with a busy work life and AJ approaching the Terrible Twos we certainly need a peaceful haven at the end of the day! The theme is purple, silver and vintage-y.

With that in mind here's one of my latest creations:

I found the frame at a car boot sale for £3 and took out the horrible oil painting inside, cleaned it up and bought a metre of crushed purple velvet from Dunhelm Mill. A couple of pins, and then two of my favourite necklaces - done!  Behind it is a scrap of the wallpaper we used in the bedroom, sorry it's not that visible, .but it reflects the light really well in the room.

Now I just need to finish a bigger version of this, a larger and slightly less decorative frame, which will hold all my other necklaces and earrings etc. Well, I say *all*, there's a handful, we don't spend much on ourselves these days. All of this is aspirational - might well cause me to completely revamp my wardrobe! So anyway I'm stuck on how to actually do it, though I have the frame and the velvet...

Apart from that my plan for the (small) walk in area involves this wallpaper at the far end:

Typically just my luck that when I go to Next and fall in love with it, I then discover that although they have the samples, they no longer stock it *at all* as it's sold out. SO then I end up being fleeced on eBay as people have started selling it as 'rare'. Still, I only need one roll hopefully and I do love it. So my tranquil haven is one step closer.

Now just to get wallpaper stripping and roll up my sleeves... think I would rather have a glass of wine!

Can anyone inspire me with jewellry storage ideas involving picture frames, vintage, small spaces?