Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Pricebook returns - can it help me pay down the mortgage?

Well as you know Evernote is now firmily in my life (see last post) and I can honestly say I love it and it's really got me organised!

This morning was the time to get back into my pricebook mode. This first year with baby has meant I lost my mojo on this sort of thing - tidyness, the blog, batch cooking, pricebook all went out the window pretty much. But no more!

How do I do it?

I have a notebook inside Evernote called 'Pricebook', and it's easily editable both on my pc and my phone. So when I am in the supermarket, I can edit prices, and it's all synched up with my pc.

Here is an example of the work I have done so far - some data is missing but I will fill that in next time I find that product:

Butter - Olive oil type £0.89p ALDI
Cheddar cheese 400g £2.39 / 5.98 per kg ALDI
Coffee (instant) - £       £0.72 per 100g / £7.20 per kg ALDI
Ginger (ground) 50g £0.50p / £10 per kg
Marmite £      £2 per kg ASDA
Mayo Squeezy 475g £0.89 / 1.80 per kg - ALDI
Nappies Size 4 (56) £0.10p each ALDI
Oregano fresh Mexican £3.50 per 100g / £35 per kg - Ebay
Peanut Butter (Special) £1.29 / £3.58 per kg - ALDI  
Rice basmati 5kg - £6 / £1.20 per kg  Amazon
Teabags x 440 £1.49 / £0.01or less each - Approved Foods
Tinned tomatoes 400g £0.31 / £0.78 per kg ALDI
Toilet paper x 9 rolls Saxon - 1.99 / £0.22p per roll - ALDI
Tomato concentrate puree 200g 0.35p / £1.75 per litre ALDI 
Toothpaste 75g - £0.20p / £2.67 per kg - Approved Foods
Washing conditioner 1500ml £0.99p / £0.66 per litre - Approved Foods
Washing liquid bio Time £0.75p / £1.02 per litre / £0.03 per wash - Approved Foods
Washing Powder Radon non bio 800g £0.99 / £1.24 per kg / £0.08 per wash - Approved Foods
Washing Up Liquid - Magnum - £1.00 per litre ALDI

So I'm really happy with how it's working for me so far. Much better than a piece of paper, or a notebook - this is virtual and I will not lose it because it's 'in the cloud'.

What products are on your list? What are your secret weapons to save money on shopping?

I can't wait to add more to my list, sad but true!  Would much rather be saving that cash for baby or putting it against our mortgage. In fact, that may well be a challenge to myself now we are at the start of the month!