Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Money saving for Summer

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay, baby is busily growing and my mind has been focused elsewhere... so much to prepare for, but I think we are nearly there!

Freecycle and Ebay have both been a godsend so far, so many products that you can easily use second hand and saves so much time and money. Not to mention recycling perfectly usable goods, and then either Freecycling or Ebaying them when done.

For now we are focusing on the main things... nursery is becoming a mess but I am sure in the next couple of months we will get sorted.

Aaaanyway, my thoughts for now for everyone, are to try not to overspend on BBQ food and drinks this Summer - a bit of a challenge but post your suggestions, as bulk cooking is so much harder now!

For me to save money on food I am considering growing tomatoes and courgette only this Summer, so that we only have 2 things to focus on, and they are items we would buy anyway. Also, bulk making things like Cous Cous and potato salad etc.

What about you?