Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Shabby Chic £15 TV unit and tiny steps approaching!

Hi everyone, hope April has started well for you!

Well lots has changed in our houehold over the past few months - hence the dip in my blog posts. The big news is... we are expecting the pitter patter of tiny money saving feet ;o)
That's right, so it means that money saving, money making, and home improvements are top priority on our list, even more so than before. So when energy permits, I have been undertaking various projects, to get the house ready for our little one.

I have shown below my latest project - revamping a £15 nasty orange pine tv unit.

Here is the 'Before' image:

The process I followed this this unit was to: Clean the unit with a damp cloth, you can also use sugar soap depending on how dirty it is.
  • Wipe down any sanding residue and allow to dry.Sand down the whole unit, taking care with any detailing.
  • Paint with an initial coat of primer, to tone down the colour and save on paint later.
  • Choose a good paint suitable for wood - here I have used Wimbourne White by Farrow & Ball - not cheap, but I was painting some other chairs with it (also shown on this blog) so in a way it was more money saving than buying a new tin.
  • Use a good brush that doesn't lose bristles and make sure you wash it after each coat. If you are unable to wash it and the coats dry quite quickly, wrap the brush in some wet cloth rag, so that when you come to use it again a few hours later it won't have dried out. Never leave the brush with paint on it overnight (new brushes are very expensive).
  • Paint around 3-4 coats depending on the item, you may wish to finely sand each coat before applying the next coat, and allow to dry after cleaning any sanding residue.
For this unit, I did not paint the top, instead I used Danish oil - this required around 6 hours between coats. I applied 6 coats in total. Once fully dried, you need to polish the surface with a clean, lint free cloth as it really brings out the shine. Our stairwell hand rail also got this treatment and looks great plus feels so smooth to the touch.
Once finished, I bought 2 new clear heart shaped handles from ebay to really add a finishing touch and these cost £3.50 for two plus postage. Here is the finished product:

All in all, I think this project took me around 4 hours but it saved us buying a new unit, as this one fits the spot perfectly size wise, I just didn't like the colour. I have seen similar in Laura Ashley that cost alot of money, so we are pleased with the outcome!

Do you have any makeover tiips or a blog showing some projects? Do drop me a comment so we cal all learn and share tips!


PepPop said...

Mmm great makeover. I hate seeing people throw out furniture just because it doesn't match. Huge Congratulations too!! Jaqui x

Sharon said...

This is beautiful!

Seabright said...

Congratuations! When is your baby due?

Jo said...

Congratulations! When is the baby due?
Take care of yourself! I know you said you have lots of renovating still to do but you need to remember to take care of you and the growing little one.

SavingsNow said...

Thanks everyone!
Baby is due in July so still a way to go, though am sure it will go quick...
I am not over exerting myself really, just light stuff and planning mostly. Will be relying on hubby for the muscle ;o)

Glad you liked the makeover - I have a small step unit in the kitchen which will also be easy to do and loook very sweet when done... just need to decide what to put on top so that when you stand on it it is quite hardwearing. I have some oilcloth so plan to use that, painting the rest white... I think!

sl.tudor said...

Wow congratulations hun..a summer baby lovely..i love the tv unit..i have just done a bread bin..yeah i know..but it was £1.50 and looked ok..it just needed some love..its now painted moonlight white and keeping my cakes nice and fresh ...
take care babe

Anonymous said...

This is fab - I want to do something similar with an old chest of drawers but have been too nervous of making a mess of it to start. Thank you for the inspiration :o)

Congratulations on the forthcoming arrival - I'm due July too!!