Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Heated White Christmas? 1st year in our new home

Hello everyone and apologies for the delay - the reason being that we have finally finished out bathroom (and learnt alot about contractors and project management in the process) and I have also been learning to drive this Summer so am preparing for my test.

The bathroom has been done on as much shoestring as we could find... the flooring is black glittery industrial vinly, from ebay, the shower screen is glass and rounded on the top, also from ebay... bath and sink came from Freecycle, and tiles were cheapest we could find at B&Q. We also did our own tiling. Even so, this was soooo much more expensive than expected, so we were naiive in our hopes for costs! Even so, we are so pleased to have done it now and hope to have finally paid it off this month.

Last year around this time, we were 2 weeks away from moving in. When we moved in, it had snowed the day before so we had ice to content with, a massive hill, and freezing temperatures. This alongside the cleaning of our old (rented) property and the joys of dealing with the landlady to get our much needed deposit back. Plus when we finally did move in (after a second bout of snow, moving in one single box at a time as we slipped and slid up the hill), we had NO central heating.

So now, we are enjoying having heating, warm carpets and a bathroom we can be proud of. Year 1 has definately been expensive and testing, but we made it and we hope that year two will bring less DIY and more fun and enjoying adventures!

I will soon also update you all about my new cashback guide, it will be much easier to get the information and see which sites are best - please see the right hand side menu for now for the sites I have currently listed and the basic technique.

Stay warm and i will blog again soon when I have an update on the next stage!