Monday, 27 October 2008

Dropping temperatures and the Icelandic Freeze

I don't know if any of you are affected by the drama in Icelandic banking right now, but we have been. These past few weeks have been a stressful rollercoaster ride, with hopes high for updates from the government, hopes low when we have found there are yet more delays. Yet now things seem to be moving faster, with the latest update on Friday 24th from the FSCS that by the end of November, everyone should have their cash back via electronic transfer. I breather a sigh of relief for now and can turn my attentions back to this here blog...

Seems this week temperatures are set to drop below double digits - so it's time for the yearly hunt for scarf, gloves (will I find the set of 2 this year?)and even the big ol' coat in the cupboard... I have resisted the urge to fish it out from the depths of 'Winter Clothes', but I can see that this week I will have to. This coat is warm, and made even warmer still by the fact that I bought it with proceeds from Cashback Sites - see the right menu - so it was totally free! My Autumn boots were also free, both items to last a good 3 years each.

You may think - 'What - how can I do that?'. Well it takes time and effort to start off and get used to it, but I do recommend you take a peek at my articles on Cashback, as most things you buy online can give you cash back via special sites. You can also even get cashback for your time - clicking away, to earn free cash.

This is the perfect time now that nights are drawing in and the temperature is dropping - why watch TV when you could be counteracting this credit crunch madness? In 2008 I will have earned at least £400 from this, a nice payrise especially if you save the cash and let it work extra interest for you.... just don't put it in an Icelandic bank! But still, Christmas is made easier as I save up all the cash and in December decide how it will be spent. A great time for some luxuries and then also to spend in the January sales (mind you, sales seem to be at any time these days).

So what are your plans for the months leading up to Christmas?
Do you have any money saving tips you want to share?
Let's all think of how we can save cash and protect ourselves against further price increases and tumbling stock markets.

Wrap up warm and look for those chunky toasty clothes!


Jo said...

I've been trying to think of presents for friends and family that won't break the bank. I did some hampers of homemade goodies the year before last and I think maybe I had better leave it till next year before I repeat that idea. The trouble is that I'm not coming up with many ideas yet. I've got several family birthdays comng up in December and January too.

I've got the heating on this evening for the first time this year. We've had the gas fire on in the living room half a dozen times but managed without the heating so far. It has been snowing most of the day and the house is so cold that I've succumbed. I've discovered the delights of cuddling up with a hot water bottle and a blanket on the settee but it is not enough today.

SGist said...

Hi Jo - I know what you mean about presents. Did your family not take to the ones you made last year then?

Here is a great thread for ideas - mostly very creative and inexpensive:

I am planning to make some chutney and also lemon curd for the first time this Christmas, as a relative likes those and as I ahd never made them before, am thinking why now give it a go.

Also have agreed with main friends and family that we will not do presents amongst ourselves. I will for our nieces. With friends, we will just meet up for a nice dinner before Xmas, easily less money than various pressies...