Monday, 23 February 2009

Counting the pennies... so the pounds can take care of themselves

Well, as some of you know, I take part in the NSD (No Spend Days) challenge on MSE – usually I do it as a ‘lurker’ – ie: I have never officially signed up, as I have been testing the water to see how well I do myself...

Well, now there’s a new post dedicated to doing it in March:

How about we all take part here on Savings Now?

It has to be worth a shot – we could support eachother either on the actual MSE thread or heer on the blog, to see how far we can stretch the cash in March.

Personally, I will not purchase:

- Treats like chocolate / crisps / sweets / soft drinks during working week
- Magazines / coffees etc on weekends

I always allow myself this ‘Pocket Money’ for the month for my non-essential spending. This covers treats, going out, clothes, entertainment and those kinds of things.

My steps for the March Challenge:

- Take my ‘Pocket Money’ out in cash again on 01 March and only spend from that.
- Get 20 No Spend Days (NSD’s) for March
- Convince him indoors that what he takes out in cash is it for the month!

I normally allow myself maximum £50 per week / £200 a month to cover everything that isn't a bill.

In February I managed well and have only taken out my £100 allowance in cash at the beginning of Feb and been using that. It means that this Friday I will have a massive £100 for my savings account which is fantastic.

Here’s to hoping we can all do this together in March!


Jo said...

I very seldom spend money on working days except for some food shopping once a week or once a fortnight if I can manage it. It works out cheaper on petrol if I call in to the supermarket on the way home. And as my husband and I work at the same place, there are two of us in the car so that is economical too. I don't buy magazines apart from allowing myself one if we are away on holiday. My husband gets one magazine on subscription when I found a really extra special offer on one he liked to read if he could. I never buy coffees and so on. Doesn't that sound virtuous! The truth is that there is nowhere near us to buy one and as we would have to travel by car to get to somewhere, there is no real temptation.

I'm up for 20 no spend days in March other than bills.

Jo said...

Well, I managed 7 days when I spent some money so that leaves 24 when I didn't in March. April will be harder because there will be the Easter holiday and being out of routine means there is more temptation....

SavingsNow said...

I did actually (just) manage 20 days in March but it was definately a challenge as the sun started to peek out... from now on I think I will aim for 15, as in the Summer months I always find it harder! Come Octoebr time I will increase the No Spend Days though...

Jo said...

I'm going to fail this month because there have already been 7 days when I've spent money and we are only halfway through April. It is partly through popping into a charity shop because I don't always get the opportunity to go in when they are open and also going into a supermarket because it was a good time to see if they had any end-of-day reductions :(