Friday, 28 January 2011

Cashback guide now online!

Hi all,

Brr, is it cold or what? Just thought i would write a quick note to say that in cooperation with a knowledgeable web colleague, I have now uploaded the cashback guide to:

Please drop by as it's likely to have the latest changes etc, hopefully it wil hep you earn more money this year, even though the cashback sites are cutting back a little more. But there is still money to be had, particularly if you persevere with the daily clicks and also sign up to any offers that are relevant to you.

Cashback on new bank accounts, new credit cards, changing energy, broadband or tv supplier such as Sky always tend to have good cashback bonuses up to around £120 for example. Even applying for your credit rating can earn as much as £17.

As with this here blog, please support the sponsors of any articles you enjoy each time you visit, thank you and hope January has started well for you!


The Untidy One said...

Hi, Great blog, was just looking through some of your older posts and found the Ebay sniping one very handy! I usually go for the buy it now option also.. =(

(thought I would post this here though because its sort of about a guide).

I have recently started decluttering, and have quite a few items to put on ebay.

I have sold on Ebay only once before (with very mixed success rates) and was wondering if you have any tips?

I plan on putting my items up for auction over the weekend so the sooner I get a reply the handier!

Also I went onto MoneySaving Expert and I couldn't find anything relating to the "Make money from nothing" Challenge you spoke about? do you have a link to it?


SavingsNow said...

Hi Pete thanks for your message! Yes I use the sniping at least once a week - no longer stuck to the screen and overbidding in a frenzy!

That MSE challenge was quite a while ago now, I imagine there are other challenges - look in the forum section, under Debt Free Wannabe I think, you will find all sorts in there.

I heard that this weekend ebay was doing free listings so it's a good chance to declutter and make some cash - good luck!