Thursday, 1 September 2011

September update

Hi everyone,

Well our little bundle is now 7 weeks old and growing massively every day. Not to mention the changes in his personality and how much more alert he is!

I guess our money saving efforts have been slightly less, but, our focus has been on bulk cooking food, then also using washable nappies. These 2 things are the main ones I have time for right now and do save us some cash.

We buy things like mince meat, eggs, fish etc in bulk, then try to bulk out the meals. Jacket potatoes are easy, batch cooking soup then freezing it helps, plus making muffins that can be healthy snacks for example is useful. My last batch was 12 banana walnut ones, I should have made 24 though to make best use of the oven being on...

Enjoy the last rays of sunshine everyone, seems Autumn is already round the corner!


Jo said...

Congratulations! By all means save what money you can easily but concentrate on enjoying your baby. Little ones grow so fast and you can always save money next year but you won't get a rerun of this time while they are little and totally yours.

Enjoy him!

SavingsNow said...

Thanks Jo! It's hard to not think about money saving when we know he will be needing things, but definately am enjoying him, got first real smiles this week which was amazing... thanks for your support of the blog, hope all is well with you!

Anna said...

Any chance of you posting up your banana and walnut recipe?

tesco vouchers said...

Like Jo says, enjoy your little one at every stage of his development, he'll be walking and talking in the blink of an eye! Try and save money where you can (2 for 1 offers, discount codes, free delivery vouchers etc.), children can be rather expensive!

All the best.