Friday, 26 October 2012

Shabby Chic jars... eating a frog and the curious case of tortilla addiction.

OK so it's a weird post title, but I have a lot to talk about today and the varied subjects mean my post title has to be, well, varied.

In my last post I mentioned blackboard stickers - well, they are my latest love. Yes I said that, sad but true, they just make our cupboards look so much better. Rather than packs of things lopsided full of overspilling things, we can use jars that may not look the same, but having the stickers on there and the text the same can combine it all and make it look as if you did it all on purpose (rather than just reusing mix and match jars to ssave some cash).
I happened to see some great jars in the £0.99p store, so spent £6, plus bought chalkboard sticker sheet on ebay (A4 size, you can cut your own that way). I also got some cute chalk PENS, who knew you could get those? SO much better than normal chalk and very pretty colours. Anyway, for £10 I now have lots of labels, pretty storage and could even use the chalk stickers for menu planning, gifts at Christmas, in the nursery for toy boxes and much more, so well worth the purchase. As to the storage jars, what do you think of the finished project below?

As to eating a frog? Well I have been reading the very popular blog e-book called One Bite At a Time, highly recommend it as it's really helped me work through productivity areas - buy it here.
Anyway, one example is that it mentions that on your daily to do list you would have the Frog (your most hated to do item) on the list first. Eat that first and your day can only improve. It has made me look at my to do list differently - just get the thing out of the way first thing and the weight is off your shoulders, great idea. Plus the other 51 ideas in the book are great too, some stuff you will do already but other stuff it will just inspire you no end.

Ok so my last mention has to be my newfound use for tortilla wraps. I mean, they are sooo versatile. I heated a saucepan, put a wrap in, spread cream cheese on half, graded apple and sprinkled cinnamon on with some banana slices, folded it over, toasted the other side and hey presto, a great deliciously melted sweet snack that has no added sugar! My son loved it and I did too. We then did a savoury version filled with some left over omelette and grated courgette and spices - not the best pic but you get the idea!

Experimenting gives great results - grated cheese, ham and sliced cooked egg could be a 'breakfast wrap', plus grated pear, cream cheese and cinnamon worked well too. They last well in the fridge and if you use cheese inside it tends to act as 'glue' to keep the contents inside. My son loves slices of the tortilla that he can hold and eat himself - victory all round!
They're great in freezer bags in the fridge, sliced in half to grab and go.

Have a great weekend and please do comment and share ideas!


Frugal Living UK said...

I love the jars, such a good idea. I always try and 'eat my frog' because I hate having something hanging over me all day. I had a very unpleasant and tricky email to write this morning as it happens and I got up and did it before 8am, now I can enjoy the day.

SavingsNow said...

Thanks for your comment - hope you got the e-mail written! I did the same thing, wheel of our pram is faulty so I e-mailed the site we bought it from first thing, then once it's done you feel so much better!
I'm carving pumpkins and adjusting baby's count dracula outfit - will try to get som epics up - Happy Halloween!

Andrea@Familyconnect said...

Wraps are such a useful food, aren't they? They keep for ages in the cupboard, and you can fill them with jut about anything. We et them a LOT!!

SavingsNow said...

Hiya yes def, we have started to see them as a great food to have around, I never gave them enough credit... Today baby had one with banana and pear, cream cheese and cinnamon. That breakfast was DE.VO.UR.ED!
Now I just need to convince him meat is a food... and fish... maybe he's a born vegetarian!