Friday, 15 March 2013

Agh nurseries, tantrums and time

Hi everyone,
Not much to report at the moment as work is taking over my life it seems so this post is more of a rant, or a selection of rants... so much for the work/life balance, as this past 4 weeks AJ has had to put up with lots of calls/e-mails etc. Anyhoo, need must and really it's time for us to look into a nursery for him.

I tried around 6 months ago but it wasn't 100% necessary yet and nothing prepared me for how hard it'd be when it came to properly doing it! Some of these places are scary, and they think you would leave your kids there... anyway, I am sure every parent thinks their kid is the Preciousest one he he, but honestly, it's so hard to choose.

The How To Choose A Nursery Stumbling Blocks I Have Come Across List

Do you go for the place that's closest to work so that if they are ill you can get to them quick, or closest to home (with easier parking) so it's faster to drop off and pick up?
Do you go for the one that's council funded rather than private, so you know staff turnover is low?
Do you choose the one that has the nicest looking toys and is spotless, or the one that offers more different activities and variety but is slightly lived-in/more immune system building?

So many variables. Unlikely I will get a low turn-over, close to work, clean, affordable, varied one... I have tried. SOOOOO I have to compromise slightly, because, he is My preciousest one... and HOW expensive are these places? £45 a day, plus food in some places. Wow. Then again we live daaahn-Saaaf, expensive is de Rigeur.


Also, it's a good time, as he definitely will benefit from seeing other kids more than just playgroup, and he can also learn (good and bad...) from their behaviour. Ok,let's be honest, he'll also benefit because he's starting to have (mini) tantrums, and someone else can deal with them for a bit!
So he will be less frustrated and do loads of fun stuff, and I can focus on work 100%, both of us will be happier at least 2 mornings per week. I still get time with him all to myself and will see so many changes as he learns.

I think I have found The One, the 'right' nursery. Now just to actually be able to leave him there. On his own. Without me. Alone.

Pffffleugh. Tips please on how to get through this stage!


Wannabe Sybil said...

Hugs - suggest go with your instinct and also look and see how the other little ones are. Because if they look happy and comfortable, then there is a chance that your little one will as well. Also try and get recommendations. My little one blossomed at nursery. WS xxx

SavingsNow said...

Thanks for your suggestions, I went to one nursery where the kids seemed raucous and a bit too wild, another where they were far too meek, a balancing act eh... One I saw last week seems ok actually so fingers crossed. Have a lovely weekend x