Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Awakening - the beginning of a lifelong journey

Well it's been a while since I have written anything here, and for that I do apologise.

The early years of a little one are frantic, exciting, tiring and enlightening  what a rollercoaster of emotions! Junior is now 5, and full of excitement for life.

As to myself, there have been some big life changes this year. 2016 started with a kitchen refit (I will update soon so you can compare the old kitchen with what we have now, a big big change and so much better for family life.

Since then there has been family bad news, career lows and then highs, and the start of a new beginning for me.
I feel in a much better space to commit to writing, which I enjoy doing and is such a great creative outlet.

So the blog posts I intend to write now are centered around family life, personal finance, retirement and some freelance musings. I’d love to interact more on the blog and I hope that my posts are helpful, and will engage you to chat, comment and break up our days with some far reaching tendrils around the virtual globe. 

The post coming up next is about 'how much' to save for retirement - a topic many of us don't want to think about much, but essential, especially in turbulent political and economic times...

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