Monday, 23 March 2009

Make money by reading e-mails & clicking

I hope you are all well and enjoyed the lovely weather this weekend. My time was spent outdoors enjoying the sunshine and then on Sunday relaxing...

I also spent time researching more ways to beat the credit crunch as well as updating the clicks guide that I send out to people (see 'Cashback' section on the right, the guide is now worth £4.70 per day - drop me a message with your e-mail address if you would like a copy of that guide).

So the site below is yet another new way to increase earnings and could give you an extra £50.00 + per year... there are banner clicks, payments to sign up to sites, bonuses, e-mail clicks and more that pay you a small amount each time.

Here is the link:

Sterling Mails

Sterling Mails is a British 'paid to click / read emails site. This site offers lots of different ways to make small amounts of money and these include:

Paid to Read Emails - you generally receive about ten emails per day.
All you have to do is click on the link provided and then keep the site open for the required amount of time (around 15 secs).
These generally pay 0.025 pence, which doesn't sound much, but they do all add up!

Paid to sign up - Now some of these are really quite lucrative.
These are the chances to be paid for signing up to various websites, and once you paste in your confirmation email text and press submit, you will be rewarded with anything up to £5!

Paid to click - there are a number of sites which you can click on on a daily basis. They are in the Sites section of Sterling's website. You don't have to actually do anything as long as you keep them open for the specified amount of time. You just do one at a time. They will also e-mail you these links.

It then credits your account automatically a few seconds after your window confirms it's been logged.

Referrals - If you can get friends and family interested in the site you can then also earn a percentage of their earnings too. This means that when your referrals get others to sign up, you will also earn from them too.

How do I get paid?
Payments are through PayPal and you only need to earn £3.00 before you can cash out.

According to feedback this does not take very long to reach with the amount of emails that they send for you to click on.

So you can probably earn roughly a nice extra per year plus any wins from bonuses and plus any referrals.

That could end up paying for some Christmas drinks & nibbles!

The link to sign up is here:

Sterling Mails

Drop me a line with any questions or come and say hello on the MSE Clicking thread...


JadeLD said...

Hi there,
Will sign up for this soon - is the link in your post the referal link?

JadeLD said...

I've just noticed that it is, it's got your name in the link :)
Have signed up now, thanks - looks good so far. Thanks for looking up new ideas and ways to make money. You've saved me quite a bit of time and helped me earn some extra cash - hope you're getting lots of good returns on your referals for all the time you dedicate.

SavingsNow said...

Hi Jade, yes that's my link - thanks and hope it makes sense - seems pretty straight-forward and credits your accoutn straight-away x

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