Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Saving Money... Nipping ebay in the bud!

Hi everyone and hope you are enjoying teh fabulous weather out there - even if it's just a quick walk at lunch!

Today I thought I would focus on the amount of money we all spend on ebay, as it can become an addiction... but as usual, I hope to save you some cash on that hobby too!

Around 6 months ago I joined this site called BidNip and they bid for you, in the last few seconds of the auction. If you do not win the auction, there's no fee to pay!

How it works is that you pay for some credits in advance so you can 'snipe' an auction. They are incredibly cheap at a few pence per 'snipe' (only charged if you win) and have saved me at least £80 over 6 months as I buy lots of clothes / books / aromatherapy, items for my workplace and more on there.

You then tell BidNip the auction number (normally on the right side of the screen on the ebay page). Copy and paste that onto BidNip, tell them the maximum you are prepared to pay, Snipe the auction, and wait to see if you win because they will bid for you in increments until your set maximum is met!

So - no more of that last minute paying more than it's worth because you got heated up and *had* to have the item...

I normally set my 'snipe' to 8 seconds before auction end... so if you want to be in bed, or out on the town when that auction finishes, now you can - because BidNip will do the work for you even in your sleep!

Let me know how you get on!


Mellika said...

Doesn't eBay do this for you already? You set your maximum bid and it automatically increments your bid whenever someone bids on that item. If they pass your maximum amount then it stops your automatic bidding.

SavingsNow said...

Hi Mellika, it's true but I like BidNip as it allows you to monitor everything in one place, without using the 'Watch this item' on ebay (which the seller can then see). Also Bidnip allows your bid to go in at the very last second, whereas on ebay you have to place a bid, which then gets bid against.

With Bidnip you do not have to sit there yourself and watch, nor overpay, it does it all for you and unlike ebay you do not need to show your bid first, then have others compete against you.

I normally place my bids with Bidnip to go in 6 seconds before the end, I think I have won 8 out of 10 bids this way, it is far more efficient than ebays own system and has saves me cash.