Sunday, 28 February 2010

How much unappreciated cash is in your house right now?

Ok, so you will probably look around and say 'none' or 'well I have £1.10p in my purse'... but what if you were to find out what's really in your home and imagine it like a little pile of cash?

I spent the day doing this and here are some examples:

- Thai money from an old holiday - £3 worth
- Dollars from an old holiday - £4 worth
- Books that I will try to sell on Amazon - £4 worth
- Books that I can't sell online as a bit tatty - £2 worth
- Collectible items I bought for selling on ebay but haven't done yet - £8 minimum or £16 max if they actually sell
- Clothes I keep meaning to put on E-bay - £6 worth
- Cash in an old savings account I keep meaning to draw down £0.90
- Small radio brand new that I need to sell - £4
- Old kitchen handles - selection - that I could sell - £2
- Next voucher I keep meaning to use but always forget to take into town - £10
- Kitten accessories we no longer need as our kitten is a teenager cat now - £5
- Old computer we could sell for spares - £10

So there you have it - around £61, and that's the things we *know* we have.
As Spring approaches - is there an empty box you can start filling for e-bay, or a car boot sale?
Maybe that cash could then be used to buy something in Spring at a discount that will come in handy for Winter for example. Anything bought now in the sales, or obtained free, could save money for the future. Question is - what to buy!
I think I will start to make a list so I can keep an eye out for things we will need later this year as our tule in the new home is to buy as much either cheap or second hand as we can... or even better - free! This week we got a free poster on Freecycle, so that's a start!


Frugal Life UK said...

We now only replace what we have with something from ebay and we fund that by paying for it from the sale of something we wanted rid of on ebay- theoretical cost = nothing

SavingsNow said...

Very good idea - I have tried to do that with Freecycle in as much as if I am able to get something we needed, we will donate something on the network too, or give to charity.
I must get round to listing my ebay stuff soon - never know how much it might go for and we can then buy things we need for the house!

funkystarfish said...

great ideas! I'm gonna get searching!

SavingsNow said...

Thanks funkystarfish, now is the time for carbooting - just be careful you don't end up buying more with the proceeds ;o) unless of course it's a must have gorgeous item!