Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Summer and new posts time!

Hi everyone, I'm sorry the blog has been so delayed, our little one is nearly 1 - crazy how time flies! Anyway, we're more back to normal now, I'm back at work, and money saving is definately something we need to re-focus on. So I aim to at least write one blog a week, maybe more, as and when I have any ideas or deals that you guys might like. I do hope you will subscribe and continue to support the blog, and can only say that normally my money saving drive is un-swayable - but a small baby does have a way of over-running that - and money literally drains through your hands! My first money saving tactic for July has been to place one large order with Tesco online for delivery. i got some great deals for his birthday party, plus could see the total as it went along. Then I got £10 off using a voucher - great result. Even better? I didn't have to go out in the rain to get it, it all arrived with us - no petrol, no temptation in the aisles, no chicken grilling or deli samples- just what we *needed* went in the shopping trolley. Do you spend too much on food? What tips do you have? It's definately our 2nd highest cost each month and I can't wait to save some money in this area.


Matt said...

I'm pleased to hear a sense of normality has returned to your life. Little bundles of joy are bound to be a drain on other little bundles of joy! :P

My money-saving tip when it comes to food is keeping waste down as far as possible.

Ways to do this include:

> planning meals ahead;

> freezing things that can be frozen if you don't expect to use them in time (bread, hard-cheeses and fresh herbs are good choices);

> keeping track of what you have in the cupboards;

> There are recipe websites available that allow you to search for recipes by entering the ingredients you have. This can be a good way of finding innovative ways to use food items that may otherwise be facing the rubbish-bin.

Jo said...

Glad to hear that you're all well and about the little one's party coming up. Is he settling in ok at nursery?

Looking forward to more posts when you're able.