Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Summer is here!

Hi everyone, get the suntan lotion out, Summer is here - at least for a few days, knowing the luck we've had so far with weather! To celebrate the Summery feel, I have made Pimms & Lemonade (OK, Aldi's Austin's & Lemonade, so much cheaper and almost no difference)... and spicy potato wedges with turkey grills. More excitingly, I got a fab book called Gifts From The Kitchen from Amazon as a gift, and am making one delicious berry vodka present for a friend - she's moving next week and I figure she'll need it! It has fresh strawberries and raspberries in it, and looks yum, just one week to go before it's ready. I also plan to make a ginger and lemongrass cooler from the book too, sounds delicious, and I know if I don't enjoy it's Summery taste, the clouds will come right back before I know it. It's why we've had a BBQ, used suntan, finally used the new garden furniture, cleared half the garden, and popped bubs into a bucket of water for a splashabout - all in 3 days! I have alot on at the moment but luckily my work is flexible as to hours, so within 1 week or so it will all calm down... Hope you are all well!

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