Friday, 24 August 2012

Bulk Buying Bonanza - Saving on shopping

Ok so here is a short but hopefuly useful post on what I have achieved so far!

I bought 10kg of (broken) dishwasher tablets on ebay, 2p per wash this way. I will also carefully monitor the salt levels and use soda crystals so that the machine runs well and is happy overall.

I am keeping an eye on Amazon Grocery as they can have good deals too, never bought food from there before but when the have deals and also offer discounts for regular orders, some golden deals may be had there.

I'm going to use more to compare prices and see deals, then if need be do my weekly shop in the best supermarket to bulk buy. It may involve slightly more petrol, but if we can bulk buy and make a family day out of it, it may work out!

Will keep an eye on local boot fairs and markets as they often sell boxes of veg very cheap, so I can make more pasta sauces, casseroles etc and get that slow cooker working for me again...

I will keep my Pricebook up to date, so far I know that 2p per dishwash, 10p per nappy (when I buy some, only buy 1 pack at the moment per month), 6p per clothes wash are best prices to aim for. Next ones will be things like toothpaste, loo roll (can I beat 22p per roll at Aldi!) and olive oil etc. None of them run out, so no danger of wastage - if you have any ideas please do share!



Toothpaste 22p each at Approved Foods, it seems just fine to me.


SavingsNow said...

Thanks Vicky, I will have to check them out! I am after dried foods like pasta, beans etc too, don't want to be caught out by buying lots of snacks and no real food, always a danger I hear when people buy from Approved Foods! x

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan!
I need to really (really) get control of my grocery spending as it's the one budget line I could make savings on. But I want to try and stick to lots of fresh food.

Jo said...

I was too slow to catch the dishwasher tablets on ebay. The cheapest ones currently are 7.49p per tablet which is dearer than Lidl. How did you find out about this bargain please? Or did you find it by happy chance? I've been checking ebay every other day in case some more are on sale.

SavingsNow said...

Hi Jo sorry for my delay - maybe the deal will come up again? It's a 10kg bucket of broken dishwasher tablets I think, plus you may be able to save more if you buy other products at the same time?
Other products generally that I have bought ate 5kg of rice for £6 on Amazon, plenty of coffee (Approved Foods, Tchibo coffee £1.49 for 250g I think), pasta (Aldi), Alpen imitation (Aldi), washing powder and liquid (Approved Foods).
Any suggestions to help others, please leave them here!

Jo said...

It wasn't your delay - it was mine. If I'd read your blog when you first posted instead of being behind on my blog reading, than I'd have probably got some tablets too. Right now there is some broken dishwasher tablets but ground to a powder on ebay and I'm thinking seriously about getting that.

You can tell, I've been looking frequently on ebay (haunting!)in the hope that some more would come on sale : )

Thanks for sending me looking!