Thursday, 30 August 2012

Evernote... everynote... ever simple!

Ok, so I have found *the* tool I needed. No more searching, no more scraps of paper, no more losing stuff. That's right, I am excited!

You have to see it:

It synchs with your phone, so whatever you do on the computer or on your phone, the other knows about. Sraps of shopping lists? No more. Too many bookmarks to even find what you wanted? Not an issue.

My dream of having an up to date pricebook is so much closer now. I also use it to clip recipes from the web.

Everything is searchable, so it's even better than Pinterest in that respect, plus everyone doesn't have to see what you are doing this way, especially if you are planning a birthday or event you want to keep under wraps.

A bonus? You. Can. E-mail. Directly. To. It.
So that important e-mail you got relating to the party you are arranging? You want it to quickly go into the Party folder, you just e-mail your unique address at Evernote and put '@ Party' in the subject line. Because @ pops it into whatever folder you name.
And it tags beautifully. You can tag to your hearts content, each note then gets tagged. Then just click the 'car' tag to see everything you have ever saved relating to your car. For me, it's will be the last MOT certificate, the last price I paid AA, when car tax is due...

And for me, I love the fact that... it has checkboxes... and bullet points... and you can change font size and colour. I am very visual so it helps hugely. Already I have build up several recipes, logged key household information, shared it with hubby... and now I can relax because between dropbox and Evernote, things are going to speed up alot in our household. Especially the recycling... as hubby is shared on that folder now! Do you use it? What tools do you use to stay organised? Would love to bounce ideas around as to how you do things.


Jon Smith said...

I have been using this for the best part of 6 months and my friend has had it since it came out pretty much!

I love it in so many ways and used it for lectures at university (no more scavenging through 90 pages of incomprehensible scrawling and doodles.

Now I use it at any occasion I need to remember something (my memory is terrible!).

I also recommend is you are a visual person. It sorts out all of your finances in just the nicest way :)

Jon @choose your accountant

SavingsNow said...

Hi Jon,
I do love it, now it's become a family tool too, hubby is loving it, plus I have started to use it in the office, as it does have benefits over DropBox for some things, particularly being able to e-mail in directly to Evernote.
Am now starting to use it to even plan Christmas, well that's the idea anyway... Christmas pudding anyone?