Saturday, 20 April 2013

My diary, my colours, my rules!

I'm a stationery addict as I have said many times before, and I think anyone who loves crafts or stationery, probably enjoys having notebooks and/or a diary and the coloured pens etc that go with it.

For me, a Fliofax was ok but just too expensive to maintain, so I wanted to have my own diary that I could custom make to fit how I like to make notes. For example, I might not want to write notes on the same section as today's date, personally I like to keep just my schedule on the date/day of the week. So I bought a pocket sized Moleskine, because I loved how durable they are, and I created a week to a page diary. On the right is the actual days of the week, then on the left is for notes, to do items etc. At the beginning of each month I have a month on 2 pages view. So that way, I can outline what is happening that month, note what days I am working, note any birthdays coming up etc. I also then mark that information on the actual day of the diary.

I can get creative decorating the outside of the notebook, using different colours, materials, quotes etc, and I have a little collection of them now, which has grown over the years. I can go back and check anything I need to, and it just doesn't feel the same when you do that with Google Calendar. I guess I am more of a visual person, so out of sight out of mind, which is why leafing through the diary daily helps me keep on top of to do items.

Youtube and Pinterest have inspired me massively - you can really see how creative people are with their hobbies/arts etc. I think for now I will continue on this line for diaries, as my 'electronic age' seems to have been a few years ago and I am reverting to type!

How do you organise your daily tasks, is there anything you absolutely couldn't live without to keep you on top of things? Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


Matt said...

I'm a fellow stationary addict too. I have at least 3 diaries that I use for different things, and far more notebooks than my life is interesting enough to accommodate. I'm a writer so I tend to carry one everywhere I go, and I've even sewn extra pockets into some of my coats so they'll fit!

I know the feeling of getting something special that you can take pride in, and I love the idea of making it your own with creative touches.

I'm also a blogger like you, but I'm afraid I'm far less successful. I'd love to discuss all of these things with you but I don't know how to contact you.:(

SavingsNow said...

Hi Matt, I think it's one of those things - everyone needs a way to stay organised! I went through an electronic stage (around 4 years) where everything was online, but it feels like in the past few years I have wanted something easier, and I'm a very visual person too - ie if it's not in front of me, it's out of sight out of mind...
I know what you mean, I have too many notebooks too, then I hate to even write in them! The lines can't be too wide or too dark, and in my moleskine I prefer the squared pages. Don't even get me started on pens...!
Feel free to drop a comment on any of my articles and I will respond there or let me know your e-mail and I will drop you a line!