Thursday, 7 August 2008

Cutting the cost of... cutting hair!

We recently bought a hair clipper with all the extras for £19.99, this will have paid for itself once Damon uses it another 2 times as he was paying £8 per visit to the local hairdresser. It's a good quality Remmington Titanium with 13 pieces, we got it from Argus but we should probably have used really to get the best price, however, he was wanting to get it done there and there... I have convinced him that now each time that haircut time comes around, that £8 will go into savings for Christmas, when we're off to see my Mum in Portugal for Christmas and we can really enjoy that money treating her and her husband to a special meal, money that otherwise we wouldn't have had.

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Anonymous said...


I saw your blogspot address on Rhonda's blog. I have been reading Down to Earth for several months and THOROUGHLY enjoy it. I'm sure you will too!

I have always cut my kids' hair and find it saves quite a bit of time & money. Hopefully you find the same!

Well, I'm looking forward to adding you to my list of blogs to read!