Thursday, 7 August 2008

Pricebook for shopping

Here are some pics of my shopping pricebook - this has saved me an absolute fortune! I did not believe it would at first, but actually over time it's a valuable exercise.

I got it in Sussex Stationers for £2.99, it's mostly blank which I found was the best format for me. I write each item in the correct section (it's alphabetised) and then I write where the item came from (Sainsburys, Co-Op etc), the weight, price and the eventual price per Kg. This way when I see a deal, I can check if it's the best price I have paid, or there's somewhere else I could get it cheaper. It's great to use and then note the prices, as they work out the price per kg for you ;o) I also always note when that price was a 'Deal' as opposed to it's normal cheapest selling price.

Today as an example, Co-Op have Utterly Butterly on BOGOF (Buy 1 Get 1 Free) for 500g. This makes the price per kg on the deal £1.36, so 500g is just £0.68p which is a great price. Plus it can be placed in the freezer.

I have been writing in mine for around 10 weeks now and I can honestly say it's saved me around £40 by now, all for £2.99 and a bit of elbow grease!

You may also be interested in meal planning to save more cash - see my 'Making Dinnertime easier' post - you can also download this meal planner:


Anonymous said...

I had an excell table.

SGist said...

I just wanted to update that I now use an Excel table but everything fits on one sheet. I then carry this printed sheet with me and it's very handy to quickly check prices.