Thursday, 28 August 2008

Piggy gives you money for once!

That's right - I found a way last year to get piggy to pay me for once. This comes in the form of site called Pigsback.

This site allows you to click some of it's 'Bonus' boxes throughout the week, and clicking each one credits you with £0.5p. This gives you roughly £0.70p per month, around £8.50 a year or more for free.

In addition, you get bonuses for signing up to things (you can later unsubscribe if you want), sometimes worth £1, £2 or more, which takes your yearly free earnings up to much more.

So this estimate can rise to £25 per year for nothing! If your partner does it too, you could get a free £50 a year, just from clicking bonus boxes and signing up to things.

On top of this you can then earn money back on purchases you make via the site. Let's say you want to sign up to Lovefilm for postal dvd rental, this gives you £12.50 cashback to your account, just for signing up! There are so many others, buying clothes, music, make-up, gifts, dvd's and much more.

Last year I earned £60 from the site, and my husband earned roughly the same - this was with no spending. Just the freebies! In 2008 this rate has come down due to less deals, but it is still FREE money to be earned and top up your bank account.

Well worth it. You get this in the form of 'Rewards', which I choose to receive in voucher format for shops like Boots, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose etc. I then use these for Christmas. This saved us alot on the Christmas expenses last year as you can imagine.

If you are interested or want more info just drop a message on here. I am also happy to refer you if you would like, just let me know, and you can then go on to refer friends and family.

I recommend you use an e-mail account set up especially for cashback site join-ups, ie, it may get more spam than your usual account.

Remember - get piggy to pay you for once!

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