Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Make your own Homemade Yoghurt

This recipe makes around 1 litre of delicious yoghurt (900ml if strained through muslin cloth fot thicker yoghurt).

Slow Cooker Yoghurt

• Place 1 litre semi skimmed milk in your slow cooker (I use longlife milk)
• Gently whisk in 5 tablespoons live yoghurt (as Starter yoghurt – a small Yeo 150g pot seems to be enough)
• Whisk in 2.5 tablespoons milk powder
• Cover with a cloth & lid
• Set on LOW for one hour
• Turn off and leave overnight

Please note that this can also be done in a switched off warm oven (after you have used it for a meal, say), if you do not have a slow cooker. Still needs to be covered with a cloth and lid and left overnight.

The longer you leave the yoghurt to develop, the thicker and more 'yoghurty' it will taste.

If you like it thicker (like Greek Yoghurt)

Then sieve through a muslin cloth for 1.5 hours & refrigerate (I buy 12 big sheets of muslin off Ebay for around £5, this then makes 48 sheets worth - this can then be washed and reused).

This can then also be used as the starter yoghurt a couple of times.
Each time you will need to add more starter tablespoons (ie: 2nd batch, will be 6-7 tablespoons and 3rd batch will be say 8-9) with slightly more powdered milk each time.

I have not successfully managed to make a 2nd batch this way yet - any comments most welcome!

This is delicious with honey and pine nuts or walnuts, or with fresh fruit, great on cereal and also perfect to go with curries or sauces that would normally need coconut milk, which is more expensive.

It’s also green - you are also reducing travel miles as well as packaging, by making your own yoghurt.

The initial cost is around £0.50 for milk, £0.55 for yoghurt and say £0.10 for powdered milk. This is just £1.15 for 71 litre of yoghurt. Even less when you make the 2nd and 3rd batches! In the shop you would pay up to £3.00 for 1 litre...

I would love to know what you all think if you give this a go!


shana said...

wow =D

Jo said...

Can I ask why you use 750mls of milk rather than 1 litre? Is it to do with size of slowcooker or will that quantity of bought yoghurt not "yog" more than the 750 mls?

SGist said...

Well it's more to do with the little pot of yoghurt 'going in' to the 750ml quite well, then I don't have to buy more than one little pot.

My attempt at creating batch #2 of yoghurt, from 6 tablspoons of the original batch #1 failed miserably last night. Even though I added more yoghurt this time and more powdered milk too. Frustrating and a waste of milk too!

Jo said...

Make scones! They rise best with slightly sour milk or thin yoghurt. They freeze well too if you have to make a big batch of them. Soda bread is good too. I bought an easi-yo with my birthday money and have been using that with a little bit of the bought easi-yo pack in half a pack of UHT milk. I don't find it keeps very well and it is not as naturally sweet as the bought yoghurt - but it is cheaper. I haven't tried it in the slow cooker. But you can tell I've been finding ways to use up yoghurt!

SGist said...

Hi Jo - scones sound lovely! For now I am using the yoghurt in cereal, with fruit, in curries and to make quark cheese (like Philadelphia). It's great to make 1 litre for £1 instead of minimum £3 in store! One Sunday with a bit more time I may try scones... for now I am still trying sucessfully to make batch #2 from batch #1 of homemade yoghurt!