Thursday, 7 August 2008

Wow - I have my own blog - what a concept! I like the idea of having a place to share info and learn too - feel free to join in!

The reason I set this up is due to a site called Down To Earth (linked to on the right). Rhonda inspired us to live a simpler, easier life, despite the fact that we live in the UK, in a very small flat.

So I thought this blog could be a place for others in the same boat to share tips and ideas on how we can all make more out of less... and spend less so we can enjoy life more.


Anonymous said...

Hi and Welcome to the blogging world!

rhonda jean said...

Hi! This is the beginning of a nice blog adventure for you. I'm really pleased to see others learning to live simply wherever they are. It can be done in a flat and I know you will make your life better by simplifying. Good luck to you and all your readers!

Maisie said...

Well done on making that first step!!


SGist said...

Thanks all - it's taken me a while to even discover comments and how it all works but now I am an avid blogger! x